Friday, November 16, 2007

COLBERT and the 3 BEARS (final version)

So here's the final version of the Stephen Colbert painting I posted a couple of weeks ago (you can scroll down to see it and to read about my brief encounter with him). I actually rescanned it and then did some tweaking in Photoshop, but not as much as a thought I was going to at first. The first person to spot the differences between this version and the one previously posted gets a prize!*

*There will be no prizes given.


alex~at~aufdemaur said...

I LOVE IT!! It seems like a scene right out of the Report. I like that he even has, what I assume is, his portrait above the fireplace. Way to feature the most iconic of the godless killing machines! lol

tom valente said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And, yeah, I did sneak in the portrait from the show; good eye! Thanks again!

alex~at~aufdemaur said...

Something I forgot to mention earlier, I see the difference between the two versions you did of this. I really like how subtle your edits were. Whatever you did in Photoshop, I can't really tell, because you've managed to keep the painterly quality to this. It doesn't look all digitally 'over done'. looks great!

tom valente said...

Yeah, I tried my best to make it unnoticeable. I didn't do too much either; just some finishing touches. I softened some edges and did some dodging & burning to up the contrast. Also, the book's title and Winnie the Pooh's name on his plaque were done digitally. Finally, I just tweaked the color a little to match the actual painting better since the scan made it look a little washed out.

Thanks again!