Monday, January 04, 2010


They're here! These are the JLA sketch cards I did for DC/Rittenhouse I mentioned a little while back. Well, actually, it's only a handful of them since I figured it would be a bit much to post all 250 so I just picked the ones I liked the most.

They came out a couple of months ago and I have seen them circulating the web on various message boards as well as on eBay, which is pretty cool. The ones on eBay are not being sold by me but I did receive 5 blank cards of the set for me to draw new ones. So keep an eye out for when they're available; I'll be posting them on here pretty soon.

And as an added bonus, it introduced me to the awesomeness that are Copic Sketch Markers. I never really cared for markers as a medium before but figured they would be the most convenient option for this project. My wife told me about Copics since she's used them before, so I got a set and, man, they are nice. The colors are very vibrant and blend incredibly well, unlike other markers I've used in the past. They actually almost have a watercolor type quality to them. If you haven't used them before I highly recommend trying them out.

And as another added bonus, this marks the first time I got to draw Superman professionally, (and some other characters you may have heard of) which is pretty sweet. It was a great project to work on and I would love to do more of these in the future.